Landowner, you are now Mayors in Neopolis ๐Ÿ‘‘

Lands gameplay is being implemented in Neopolis from November to January!

<aside> ๐ŸŒ Become the Mayorย ๐Ÿ‘‘

Lands in Neopolis will be the most valuable assets that you can strategically manage. Lands are launchpads for hosting social events, rallying a community of players, and claiming exclusive in-game rewards. Engage in thrilling trades and take the game to the next level. Get ready for the first decentralized, or player-driven, liveops system in a game. Own the land, own the game!


One of the big wins for Neopolis is how much fun it already is to play, supported by a buzzing community and top-tier retention metrics. Over recent months, we've focused on Neopolisโ€™ long-term vision.

With the new economy, players can expand their virtual real estate empire in the long term. Starting with buildings, then progressing to lands.

It creates the ideal foundation for establishing the first decentralized, or player-driven, liveops system in a game.

Our commitment is to sculpt a continuously evolving, social world underpinned by decentralization. A social game shaped by the players.





Lands in Neopolis: current state

Neoland has transitioned from an external game to a game mode named "Land Mayors". This mode is now fully integrated into Neopolis as a virtuous social feature involving all players. This integration will be rolled out in November.

New Lands Releases